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Buying a Practice

To begin the process of buying a practice, you need to first examine the location. Our firm assists in identifying locations that can add years of positive cash flows. Through financial analysis, we can determine if the practice is active and healthy. We examine financial records for at least the past 3 years and then project realistic revenue and expenses for the next 2 years based on those records. We also examine the relationship between gross and net practice income.

Other Key Areas We Consider:

Fair Market Value of Price • Calculating Goodwill • Determine Accounts Receivables

Starting A New Practice

With the proper direction and planning, starting your own practice can be a smooth and faultless process. Keep in mind that when you start your own practice, great consideration must be given to 4 components: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Our job is to maximize your efficiency and understanding in each of these areas. We assist in establishing an initial construction and equipment budget that will pinpoint areas of shortfall or surplus.

Starting your practice will involve construction job costing, equipment selection, stocking supplies, staffing, furnishing, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, marketing, and establishing positive cash flow. All of these areas can be accomplished by sound financial and operation business planning—areas in which our firm specializes.

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