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Business management - Speak with our Conyers, Georgia, consultants about financial consulting services regarding the health care industry.

Management Consulting Services

As you are considering expanding your existing practice, starting a new practice, or purchasing all or part of an existing practice, don't reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of our practice management consulting services. On a regular basis, our firm will assess the financial needs of your particular situation. This is accomplished by developing a pro forma statement of income and expenses and a financial estimate of the year's revenue and expenses.

Financial Services

We help complete the financial package and assist in obtaining financing from traditional and non-traditional banking and financing companies.

Let Us Help With Your Situation

Your particular situation may involve consolidation of educational debts, to begin an associateship or time-sharing arrangement, or to combine 2 practices. Our management services can be customized to meet these goals or any of your particular business needs. We focus on management systems, patient flow and retention, production and practice growth, billing and collections procedures, staff hiring, and incentives and marketing strategies.

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